• Methanol - /CH3OH - AR/ 500ml
  • Methanol - /CH3OH - AR/ 500ml
Methanol - /CH3OH - AR/ 500ml Methanol - /CH3OH - AR/ 500ml
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Нэр: Methanol - /CH3OH - AR/ 500ml

Товч агуулга: Methanol - /CH3OH - AR/ 500ml

Барааны код: 2905110000

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Basic Info

  • Classification: Standard Substance
  • Content: Standard
  • Application: Industry, Scientific Research, Health, Environmental Protection, Agriculture
  • Molecular Formular: CH3oh
  • Assay (CH3oh): 99.80%
  • Specification: AR500mL
  • HS Code: 2905110000
  • Grade: AR
  • Usage: Laboratory Reagents, Analytical Reagents, Diagnostic Reagents, Teaching Reagents
  • Performance Standard: GB/T683-2006
  • Packing Specification: 500ml/Bottle
  • Trademark: XILONG

Product Description

We are ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:1999 certified, we can offer our customer high quality of products that is produced in a way that is safe environmental friendly.


Item Sign  AR
Assay (CH3OH) 99.5%
Density (20 centigrade)   0.791-0.793gmL
Dissolution test of water passes test passes test
Water (H2O) 0.1%
Acidity (as OH-) 0.004mmol/100g
Alkalinity (as OH-) 0.008mmol/100g
Readily carbonizable substance  passes test  passes test
Carbonyl compounds (as CO) 0.005%
Potassium permanganate reducing substances passes test passes test
Evaporation residue  ≤ 0.001%


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